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House Calls

My Yoga Tao, Massage & Wellness no longer offers house calls



Prenatal Massage

I love offering prenatal massages!

After selecting your service, add "prenatal" and let me know how far along you are in your pregnancy.  

For these sessions, we will do side-lying instead of prone (face-down). I'm not a huge fan of the prenatal prone cushions.  

Prenatal massages can be scheduled up to 90 minutes in length.


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Vedic-Thai bodywork

Vedic-Thai Bodywork is an ancient healing art form developed in Thailand. It gives the benefits of massage and stretching in one to work with both the muscles and the joints. 

Thai yoga bodywork is traditionally given on a floor mat with clients fully dressed in comfortable clothing. This approach allows unique leverage positions to open up the body in a way impossible on a massage table.

The session involves a combination of massage, passive assisted stretches, slow rhythmic compression, and other techniques that incorporate using hands, feet, and forearms.

75 minutes: $140.00

90 minutes: $160.00

2 hours: $190.00

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Couples Massage

Ultimately, a couples massage is a shared experience – a massage for two people, at the same time, in the same private room, but on two separate massage tables and performed by two massage therapists. The massage therapists will start at the same time and coordinate the treatment for the couple.


60 minutes: $210.00

75 minutes: $250.00

90 minutes: $290.00

120 minutes: $360.00

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Table Massage

No two bodies are the same, and no two days are the same, so no two massage sessions are the same. Integrative Massage meets you and your unique needs on a case-by-case basis, taking information gained from a brief pre-massage check-in and utilizing various techniques that can range from Swedish to Deep Tissue, depending on the needs of your session. Your body talks without words, and we listen with our hands. Verbal communication during your massage can also ensure that pressure or technique can be adjusted.


60 minutes: $105.00

75 minutes: $125.00

90 minutes: $145.00

2 hours: $180.00

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Private Yoga Session

60 minutes: $100.00

Book a one-on-one yoga session with me.

We will practice at a slow & comfortable pace, allowing time for your body & mind to stay in alignment and the space to observe and learn the map of where you are in the moment. 

These sessions are the perfect territory for beginners and folks benefitting from the individual focus. ​

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Private Yoga Package

1 hour: $300.00

This package gives you four private yoga sessions. 

Expires: 4 months from purchase 

$100 savings!

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Booking and Payment


If you have an eGift card, please mention this in the notes section while booking.

After your appt, I can scan the QR code from your eGift card email. 

Please note: Your credit card will NOT be charged. 


My Yoga Tao, Massage & Wellness accepts:

Cash, Card, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Cash App


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