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Group Yoga

Soma Flow is a 75min session that will be an integrative experience utilizing various modalities, which may include playing with the breath, body shaking exercises, free dance, static & moving meditation, slow exploratory yoga asana, and the transitions that get us there.
This space is an opportunity for us to move a bit more out of our minds and into our bodies. This will be a container to be curiously present with each moment as we meet with it.
This class will be offered every Thursday at 6 pm at Raja Yoga in Fort Worth, Texas.

The first class begins November 17th, 2022
*This class is not available online at this time

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What is Yoga?

This question can be described in a variety of ways by every person. That's part of its beauty.
For me, Yoga is a profound presence and a playful curiosity.
It is a non-hierarchical, infinite exploration of ourselves and all we relate to.
Yoga is a moving, flowing, endlessly morphing observation.
Yoga is breath, life, death, and rebirth over and again.
Yoga is returning home to the self.

And, just as the quote by Lao Tzu,

“The Tao that can be named is not the true Tao."
 To describe Yoga is beyond the limits of our verbal language.



Artwork by Olga Klimova