My Yoga Tao, Massage & Wellness

My Yoga Tao, Massage and Wellness Vision


My intent and purpose at My Yoga Tao is to connect humanity more intimately with itself,

at every level by utilizing our individual, ever-evolving knowledge and life experience.


Every micro-movement contributes to the macrocosm of our reality.

Each step in supporting positive change in the self and others creates

and maintains the soil or foundation for a harmonious tomorrow. 


I plant seeds toward optimal mind-body wellness and a thriving collective.

I endeavor to lead by example by consciously tending to my garden alongside helping you water yours.


We have so much to share!

I envision a world where we may support & empower each other to pull from the great well of wisdom & potential residing within each and every one of us.


Nurture •Compassion •Unity• Truth •Humility